Happy 40th Birthday Christian!


On this day 40 YEARS ago, Christian was born!


I thought we could take a look back at some of his first years of life.  It seemed like he was a pretty happy & healthy (his mama wrote Buddha under some of the photos!) baby.  Even 40 years later, he still is always so happy & easy going.  It is one of his best qualities.  If there is a problem, he comes up with a solution to fix it or one his favorite sayings that he tells me frequently, “that’s just the way it is. What should we do?”

image image image image

With his papa.


With his mama.


Getting a little older.


Soon his brother came along.


He started school.

image image image

When he was younger, Christian liked to play with Legos & trains, build and play on the computer, go to the sea and spend hours building things in the sand.  I am not sure his hobbies have changed in the last 40 years!  He is consistent & knows what he likes. 

image image image image

I am going to share this last picture, that makes me laugh so hard!  The two very different expressions on these brothers’ faces.  Christian reminds me a bit of Ralphie from the movie, A Christmas Story.  Maybe just because they both had blonde hair & glasses.


This is a long holiday weekend here in Germany, so we are celebrating with Christian’s brother, sister-in-law & niece, which will be lots of fun.  We are so happy to be celebrating Christian & cheers to another 40+ years!!

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