Happy 30th Birthday Christopher!

Today is my brother’s birthday.  Christopher & Christian have birthdays one week apart from each other and there is a 10 year ago difference.  My mom is helping my brother celebrate his birthday in Denver this year.  We wish we could be there as well!

I don’t have any pictures from when he was young, like I had for Christian.  Instead, here are a few from the last 10 years at least!

Playing rugby in college at the University of Kentucky in the fall of 2007.


Christmas in 2007.


Disney World in January 2008!  The last time we visited. 


Chris’ birthday in 2008.

5-3-08 012 5-3-08 013

Visit to Vail, CO for skiing in 2009.

 Mother's Photos 022 Mother's Photos 029

Our first visit to Hawaii, the Big Island in the summer of 2009.

 Mother's Photos 086 Mother's Photos 099

Chris graduating with his MBA in May 2010.

December 2009-May 2010 348

Chris & my mom visiting Denver in June 2011.

 Kentcuky Derby & Rock Climbing 024 Kentcuky Derby & Rock Climbing 030 Kentcuky Derby & Rock Climbing 034

Camping in the Poudre River in August 2011.

Poudre River 009 Poudre River 024

Chris visiting Denver again in 2012 for my 30th Birthday.

Mar & April 2012 011 

Chris, my mom, my aunt & cousin came into town (Denver) for Christian & I’s moving away/engagement party in August 2012.

 IMG_2776 IMG_3024 

Chris being a part of our wedding in 2013.

image image 

Hiking & playing volleyball in Denver in 2015.

 20150517_133629 20150711_110642

I also put together a couple more videos for you all to enjoy.  Chris’ 5th Birthday, where he was much calmer than his 3rd, which you can watch again, here!  Chris was quite the dancer in his toddler years, so here is a short compilation of his best dance moves!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRISTOPHER!  Hope it is a great day & we can’t wait to see you in July!

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