Christian’s Birthday Family Weekend

As I mentioned last week, Christian’s brother’s family (wife & almost 3 year-old daughter) came into town for the long weekend.  Thursday was a holiday & Friday was a mandatory vacation day for Christian and a holiday for his brother. 

Christian arrived Wednesday morning from Australia was greeted with birthday decorations.

image image

Shortly after lunch we picked up the family from the train station.  We came home and opened up presents & ate cake!

image image

I made this Ferrero Rocher cake, which is a favorite sweet of ours.  It was really rich!  The tassels & happy birthday banner, as well as the 40 and cake candles are all from a US shop called Shop Sweet Lulu, which has great party decorations.  I ordered them when I was in the US & brought them with me to Germany.


We had amazing weather over the weekend.  It was in the high 70’s, sunny & barely any clouds in the sky.  On Monday, the radio broadcasters were saying that we skipped Spring and went straight to Summer.  Unfortunately, we do have some cooler weather and rain coming our way next week but that is okay.  We spent most of the weekend playing outside at the playgrounds, grilling out & just enjoying each other’s company. 

On Mother’s Day we walked up to the Drachenfels.  You might remember that my mom and I did this hike last June and we started from our house.  This time we started in Königswinter and then took the cog railroad down. 

image image image image image image image

We were so sad to see the family leave on Monday but luckily we will see everyone again at the beginning of June for another birthday weekend!

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