Brick Edging

I have a few garden updates for you all this week.  I decided that I wanted some sort of edging around our plants on the two borders between the houses.  I hated having to mow the grass last year and either chop up our mulch with the mower or the actual plant leaves, since the borders were so narrow and the plants were growing over.  Christian and I bought some brick and he explained what I needed to do and then when he was away on travel, I got it done.

Here is all the brick.


Measured the distance from the fence, using some twine and old tent poles, I had my markings where I should dig the trench.

image image 

Once the trench was dug, I laid down sand & then the brick. 


I used a water level to ensure that each brick was even by itself and with the other bricks.  It was super easy on the left side but on the right side the grass is not even and I had so many problems, I laid the bricks, decided it didn’t look good and then re-laid them! 

image image

Since I didn’t have a brick cutter, I needed to make sure that I had the correct number of bricks to go around the tree.  The first time I did it, I went with a curved pattern.  That didn’t work out, so I made right angles and it worked that time!

image image

The finished project! 

image image

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