Hochbeet/Raised Garden Bed

Last year, I grew a few herbs and salad greens in our front window box. 


This year I wanted to try growing a few more items, so we decided to buy a Hochbeet (raised garden bed).  It is made it out wood & comes with a plastic liner.  We bought some wood sealer & I spent one weekend, applying the wood sealer and a couple coats of a white-wash looking outdoor paint.

image image

Once the painting was done, I cut a few holes in the bottom of the plastic liner to allow water to drain and started filling it.  The first layer was sticks. 

image image

The second layer was grass cuttings.


The third layer was dead leaves.


Then was compost & garden soil.

image image

I ended up picking up seeds for carrots and spinach and seedlings for leeks, celery and red beets.  I actually meant to pick up radishes instead of beets but I made a mistake and so we will have lots of beets!

image image

Those pictures were taken on the 18th of April.  Here is the raised garden bed as of today.  You can see that the spinach and the carrots are just starting to poke through and the seedlings are slowly growing.  Can’t wait to try something from our garden!

image image image

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