The Backyard 2016

A few our plants from last year died, so I bought a few new plants for the right side border.  Although, I forgot that we had planted hostas last year and when I started to dig around, I noticed the tips of the hostas appearing.  I did end up breaking off one but I think the rest are okay!  Since I had purchased too many plants, I ended up buying a few additional containers to keep on the patio.

Here is what the garden looks like this year (overhead view).

image image 

Here is the garden view.

image image image

I had thought that the Clematis had all died and was pleasantly surprised that they turned green again and started to grow like weeds.  So far we have only one or two blooms but the others should bloom any day now. 

image image

We trimmed down the grape wine branches a couple months ago and the new leaves and branches are starting to grow.  Hopefully, we will have some grapes again this year!

image image

The Schattengrün continues to grow around the tree.  I planted four more plants after adding the brick border.


The Spindelstrauch has really grown from last year. 


If you want to see what our garden looked like last year, you can see it here.  I am hoping that with each passing year, my black thumb becomes a little less black!

image image image

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