WHW: Drymen to Rowardennan (Day 2)

We awoke around 7AM but after taking down the tent and eating breakfast, we didn’t begin our hike until 9:15AM.  We immediately started our ascent up Conic Hill. 


Once at the top, we saw gorgeous views of Loch Lomond (loch=lake), small villages and boats on the water.  It was a sunny, warm day. 


It was about three miles from the start of our hike, down to the town of Balmaha, which is located on the shore of Loch Lomond.  In town, we replenished our water supplies and purchased a few lunch items. 


We continued another three miles along the loch until we stopped for lunch.


Along the shoreline we hiked, sometimes down close to the water’s edge and other times climbing a bit and hiking along the cliffs.  There were many day hikers in this area and the main road that leads around the lake was always nearby.  We made another stop at Rowardennan (the official stopping point of the day), where we ate apples and laid in the sun.  This was usually the point in the afternoon where we didn’t really want to hike any longer but still had a few more miles to go. 


After awhile, we finally got up and hiked to just past Ptarmigan Lodge/Point, which is at the base of Ben Lomond (ben=high mountain), a mountain over 3,000ft.  Right after this point, wild camping is allowed, so we searched for a spot near the shoreline.  We found a picturesque, isolated camping spot, set up our camp and enjoyed laying out in the sun for a couple hours before dinner and bed.  It was also so nice to have the lake there to wash up a bit and have easy access to drinking/cooking water using our water purifier.

image image

Total: 12 Miles Hiked

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