WHW: Rowardennan to Inverarnan (Day 3)

We awoke around 7AM but we didn’t end up leaving the tent until 9AM, as we were hoping for a little more sun and warmth outside before eating our breakfast and taking down the tent.  We fixed our breakfast and unfortunately, were eaten by midges (almost like mosquitos & common in the Highlands, near water).  That still didn’t speed us up and we ended up starting our hike at 10:45AM!  This was our favorite day of hiking, as we followed the loch the majority of the day and hiked once again either loch-side or along the cliffs.  The landscape was so lush and green, beautiful flowers were everywhere and the water sparkled!

image image image

Cailness Cottage.


After 5.5 miles we reached Inversnaid, which was a hotel by a large waterfall.  We stopped there for lunch and refilled our water reservoirs. 


Then we continued on our way along the cliffs of the loch.  It was slow moving, as there were many rock scrambles and tree roots to navigate.  This was the most challenging terrain so far!  The weather was another perfect day of sunny, blue skies. 

image image image

4.5 miles from Inversnaid, we were at Ardleish, where we left Loch Lomond and headed through Glen Falloch (glen=valley).  The landscape changed to grasslands. 


The last two miles we climbed a little saddle, enjoying the last views of Loch Lomond, and headed down in the glen.  We arrived at our destination, Beinglas Farm, where we decided to stay in the campground and not wild camp.  Here, we had access to restrooms, showers, a cooking area, and laundry.  We set-up camp, took showers and enjoyed a cooked dinner at their restaurant!  Then it was time to read about our next day’s hike before bed. 

Total: 12 Miles Hiked

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