WHW: Tyndrum to Kingshouse (Day 5)

We were pleasantly surprised when we awoke this morning to no rain!  The forecast called for rain all day long.  We got out of bed around 6:40AM, had breakfast, packed up and headed out of Tyndrum.  This was to be our longest day of hiking (almost 20 miles). 

image image

The hiking path ran parallel to the highway and the railroad, which was compensated by marvelous views of the glen.  We walked among sheep and saw Highland cattle, who are hairier than usual cows. 

image image image image image

We reached the Bridge or Orchy at 6.5 miles, which hosted a pretty, white historic hotel with a modern annex.  We stopped for second breakfast at a bench overlooking the bridge.

image image

From there, we climbed over a ridge to views of Loch Tulla. 


Our descent lead us to Hotel Inveroran.  It was still too early for lunch, so we pushed on.  The military road lead us over the slopes of Stob Ghabar (goat’s peak), providing views over Brannoch Moor.  Finally, it started raining and we put on all our rain gear.  A break in the rain allowed us to take a quick lunch break.  At this point, we were at mile 14 and we were tired but still able to walk! 

image image image

The way continued to lead us to Glen Coe, which features a ski area but the snow was gone except for a few patches on the peaks.  A little while longer we arrived at our destination, a camping area without facilities near the Kingshouse Hotel.  We set-up our tent in the rain, then we went to the hotel for a drink, appetizer and chance to get dry and refill our water supplies.  It was still drizzling when we went back to our tent for dinner and bed.  Our feet and bodies were exhausted, so we slept soundly!

Total: 19.5 Miles Hiked

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