WHW: Kinlochleven to Fort William (Day 7)

Our last day on the West Highland Way!  We had a very warm, comfortable sleep in our cabin.  Maybe a little too warm thanks to the heater that we had left running in the night!  The forecast for the day included more rain.  We decided that we wanted to get an early start to try to beat the rain, so we were up, had breakfast, packed and on the trail by 7:15AM. 

We climbed the hills out of Kinlochleven and were soon looking down at the small town, nestled in the valley. 

image image

Lairig Moor was where we spent the next few miles, mountains still rising on each side of us and a set of power lines as our only company & reminder of the modern world.  We could see our hiking path far into the distance.


At the halfway point, we reached the first plantation of trees.  It was cold and windy, but no rain up to this point.  We stopped for second breakfast, which consisted of cheese, crackers and a few nuts.  Then it did start rainy lightly. 


We bundled up in our rain gear and started our second climb of the day, over a pass into Glen Nevis.  We saw Ben Nevis, the highest peak in Britain but the peak was mostly covered in the clouds.  The rain became more intense during our final ascent and descent. 

image image

After our long descent on the forest road, we reached the city limits of Fort William.  The West Highland Way actually continues for another two miles to the official terminus of the hike.  This is marked by a statue of man sitting and rubbing his feet.  It is located at the end of the pedestrian mall in the city center, at a nondescript square.  We were somewhat disappointed with the end point (the location) and the somewhat uninviting feel of Fort William.  Maybe it had to do with the weather! 


After our picture, we headed straight to the transportation center and we were lucky enough to catch a bus within 20 minutes to Glasgow.  The bus ride took almost four hours and followed sections of the West Highland Way, stopping in many of the towns that we passed through.  It was like a reprise of the last seven days and it was actually such a great treat!  We were able to enjoy the scenery of our hike from the comfort of a bus seat.  When you are hiking, there is so much time spent looking at the trail or just trying to quickly move through parts of the hike, that we didn’t get to really marvel at all the scenery.  I thought this was the perfect end of the hike.  Overall, the West Highland Way was a great experience in a new landscape and pushed our hiking abilities! 

Total: 15 Miles Hiked

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