A Netherlands Tour

We spent a bit of time in the Netherlands recently.  The Netherlands is not so far from our current house, which makes it an easy drive to visit some new cities.  We decided to rent a Sunhome (small trailer) in the Noordduinen Campground in the town of Katwijk.  Katwijk is a town on the North Sea coast in Zuid Holland, just 16km north of The Hague. 

image image image image

It was never warm enough to go into the water, but we did walk along the beach a couple times.  We went as far The Hague one day.  In July & August, I think the coastal towns in the Netherlands get pretty busy with people wanting to escape the cities for some time at the beach.  We experienced a pretty quiet time, especially since the forecast called for rain every day! 

image image image

Being as it is the Netherlands, there are tons of bike paths.  We rented bikes and biked north along the dunes to the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland.  The park has a mix of dunes, young forests and beaches.  There are bike paths throughout, as well as hiking paths.  It was a beautiful day and it seemed like we were in a completely different place after spending time in the cities. 

image image image

There is even some wildlife in the parks, that you might have to maneuver around!

image image image

Not far from the bike path, these guys were hanging out.  These are wisents or European bison. 

image image

The park is also located along the coast, a few minutes from the city of Haarlem and a 45 minute drive from Amsterdam.  If you are visiting Amsterdam, this park would be a nice day trip to explore something different in the Netherlands and you can rent bikes to get around the park quite easily.

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