The Front Yard 2016

We only made a few changes to the plants in our front yard (entryway, really) this year.  Here is how it looked last summer.


Here it is now this summer.


We had some salad and herbs growing in the window box.  In the fall I planted some winter hearty plants that have survived quite well.  It isn’t very colorful but they are extremely low maintenance.  We get so much shade in the front that we are limited as to what we can plant.


After seeing a few houses in the Netherlands with pots that wrapped around drain pipes, we picked up a couple as well.  We hung two in the front and two in the back.

image image

The biggest change is the planting that we did on the opposite of the sidewalk.  It is still our land and it was looking pretty bad!  I am not sure if you can tell in the picture below but our direct neighbors to the front don’t own a lawnmower.  The grass/weeds are over a foot tall.  Last year, they had planted a little herb garden right outside their fence and was taking care of the lawn, but this year, not so much!  The little herb garden disappeared into weeds.  We decided that after our neighbors either bricked the strip to match the sidewalk or added planters, that we should also do something.  We decided to plant a hedge that would eventually create something nice and green to look at when we look out our kitchen window!

image image

It is probably more fun for me to look back at our plants and see how everything has grown and changed in a year, but hope you enjoyed it a bit too!

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