Our Sprouting Garden

Our backyard flowers and the vegetables from our Hochbeet (raised garden) have been sprouting the last two months.  The Clematis bloomed and was so pretty.

image image image

The roses are all in bloom.  I love all the pink!  I pretty much bought only pink flowering plants this year.

image image

Growth of the Hochbeet from the beginning of May through the end of June.  From left to right: leeks (seedlings), celery (seedlings), carrots (seeds), spinach (seeds), & red beets (seedlings).

image image image

I know I overplanted in our little Hochbeet and the red beets were definitely starting to become too big and casting a lot of shade on the spinach and carrots.  I ended up taking the red beets out at the beginning of June.  They were about golf ball sized.  We roasted them up in the oven and had them as an appetizer before dinner.  Where the red beets used to be, I planted more spinach.

image image

Our celery was ready to be picked just the other week, so we pulled it out of the Hochbeet.  We ended up using the celery in salad, a quesadilla and making a big batch of cream of celery soup.  I also made a pesto with the celery leaves and it was really good and simple.  Just combine celery leaves, almonds (or nut of your choice), parmesan reggiano, a garlic clove and olive oil. 

image image image

Our grapevine is also growing and we hope to have a few bunches of grapes this year.  Christian is a little worried about pests but so far, so good!

image image image

We are looking forward to hopefully harvesting a few more vegetables this summer and continue to enjoy the flowers!

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