Happy Fall!

Summer vacation is finally over!  We are back to work and blogging.  We enjoyed a long and memorable summer full of some fun travels and time at home.  We took tons of pictures but the thought of sitting in front of the computer and going through them all when the weather was so summer like here just wasn’t for me, so I took a break from blogging.  I am back now because it really is fall here (gray and starting to become rainy) and even though it might take a few months to cover everything, I am going to try.  Here are a few highlights from the last couple of months. 

We got to see family from both sides (US & German) this summer.  My mom & brother flew over for a Baltic Sea cruise.  You know I will share every day of that! 

image image

Christian celebrated his 40th birthday in May and we decided to host a late birthday/summer party at our house for family, friends and neighbors.  It rained a majority of the day but we had a tent that covered the yard, so we were protected and had all the food set up in the house.  We had such a fun time that we are going to probably make it an annual summer party. 

image image image

We visited Basel a couple times, where we got to see Christian’s brother’s family.  We also took the train up to Hamburg to visit Christian’s parents and aunt & uncle.

image image image 

The garden continued to grow and we had some visitors…slugs, not the kind that you want to visit.  They were enjoying the hostas, lettuce, basil and mint plants.  In the evenings, we went into slug-hunting mode.  We even set-up a little trap of beer in a container in the Hochbeet (raised garden bed).  We found a couple slugs swimming in the pool of beer every morning. 

image image image

We completed more sections of the Rheinsteig, which is the hiking trail that starts in Bonn and follows along the Rhein river for 320km to Wiesbaden. 

image image image

Christian’s mom celebrated her 70th birthday!  I hope that she doesn’t mind that I share that.  The family gathered together in Kiechlinsbergen, a town in the Kaiserstuhl, known for their wine.  Christian’s mom goes there every year to help harvest the grapes.  She had planned for the family to gather there, as well as some friends to help celebrate.  She arranged lunch at a local restaurant and then we went on a tractor ride through the vineyards.  It was such a beautiful day!

image image image image image

We harvested our grapes a couple weeks ago and we definitely had more than last year but they were smaller.  Not sure why that was the case, but we still enjoyed them.  I made a grape galette with a majority of the grapes.  It was so good that I will definitely make it next year!

image image image

Lastly, just this past weekend I went to a local garden shop and bought a bunch of pumpkins to decorate our front stoop.  Our neighbor told me that the kids are already looking forward to Halloween and trick-or-treating!  I will have to buy some candy for them.  I am looking forward to trying some new pumpkin recipes! 

image image image

Hope that you all had a fun summer & looking forward to fall and regular blog posts!!

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