Oceania Baltic Cruise–Tallinn

We didn’t dock in Tallinn, Estonia until noon but that allowed us a slow morning to explore the ship a bit more.  We also got to enjoy the views of the city as the ship came into port. 

image image

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and sits on the Gulf of Finland.  At one time it was one of the largest cities in Europe.  The old town of Tallinn sits on a hill overlooking the port with many parts of the city wall still intact.  Old Town is actually divided into two parts, Toompea Hill (upper Old Town) & Lower Old Town. 

image image

Town Hall Square, which is located in the Lower Old Town.

image image

We climbed up Toompea Hill to see Toompea Castle, which is now where the Estonian parliament meets. 


Across from the castle is the Alexander Nevski Cathedral.  This Russia Orthodox Cathedral was built in the 19th century, when Estonia was part of the Russian Empire.  Apparently it was built over the place where a statue of Martin Luther stood.

image image

We visited St. Mary’s Cathedral (Toomkirik), also located on Toompea Hill.  It is the oldest church in Estonia that used to be a Catholic Cathedral but now is part of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church.

image image image image

The church walls are decorated with coat of arms from the 17th to 20th centuries.

image image image 

Visitors are able to go up in the church tower for gorgeous views of the Tallinn.

image image image

A panoramic view.


The tall tower (green top) in the picture below belongs to St. Olaf’s Church.  It is dedicated to King Olaf II of Norway and the original structure was built in the 12th century but was rebuilt in the 14th century.


After our exploration of Tallinn’s Old Town, we headed back to the boat.  Tallinn is a very pretty, clean town with many buildings well-restored.  You really only need a few hours to see the city, but it is worth it!


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