Oceania Baltic Cruise–Berlin

Berlin isn’t a city on the Baltic Sea.  The ship actually docked in Warnemünde, Germany, a seaside resort town that is on the Baltic Sea.  When you look at the cruise itinerary for any of the Baltic Sea cruises, it always mentioned Warnemünde and in parentheses Berlin.  All but two of the cruise shore excursions were located in Berlin.  So there was no doubt that we were going to spend the day in Berlin.  Christian said he was happy to be our tour guide in Berlin, especially since we were in Berlin the year earlier.  He did forewarn us that we would need to rent a car and drive the 2 1/2 hours to Berlin.  My family agreed & that is what we did.


We drove into Berlin and parked at KaDeWe (Das Kaufhaus des Westens), which is a large department store in West Berlin.  It is probably my favorite place to go in Berlin!  In addition to great shopping, they have a food hall with great treats and an international supermarket.


Nearby is Bikini Berlin, which we visited before with shops & restaurants.  The main draw is the fact that you can see the monkey enclosure of the Berlin Zoo.  I think my brother would have preferred to go to the zoo instead of touring the city.

image image

We took the U-Bahn into East Berlin.  A couple months before our trip, Christian signed us up so we could visit the dome on the Reichstag Building, which gives great views over Berlin.

image image image image image

Views of the Bundeskanzleramt, Angela Merkel’s office.

image image

View of the Brandenburger Tor.

image image

We walked down Unter den Linden, a main street from the Brandenburger Tor then to the Topographie des Terrors, an indoor & outdoor history museum.  It is there that a preserved section of the Berlin Wall is displayed.  From there, we walked to Potsdamer Platz, where we took the U-Bahn back to KaDeWe, where our car was located.  A lot of walking!


There is really too much to see in Berlin in the few hours that we had.  My mom and brother were tired & not too happy and I think in the end it would have made more sense (& more relaxing) to explore Warnemünde & the Rostock area and save Berlin for a long weekend trip at another time.  These are the things you learn!

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