Oceania Baltic Cruise–Copenhagen

Our last stop on our cruise, Copenhagen!  We had all our luggage packed up the night before except for our overnight things & a change of clothes.  The cruise ship took all our luggage off the ship as soon as we arrived into the final port in Denmark.  In the cruise terminal building, we picked up our luggage and hopped on a bus to the nearest train station to get into the city.  It was a complete zoo, as there were other cruise ships that had also come into port and way too many people trying to get on the buses with a lot of luggage!  It took some time and was a bit frustrating, but we made it into the city.  We left our luggage in the lockers at the train station.  Our flight back to our house in Germany was later that evening, so we had a good couple of hours to see Copenhagen before heading home.

From the train station, we walked to the City Hall building and then along Strøget, which is the pedestrian shopping street and made a few loops around that area.  We had lunch at a place called Café G, which had an extensive brunch buffet that my brother & Christian ordered and my mom & I ordered off the menu.  It was pretty good & would go back there.

image image image image image image image  image

Christian was pretty excited to discover Christiansborg Slot.  This is a palace where the Danish Parliament, the Danish Prime Minister & the Supreme Court of Denmark are all located.

image image image image

We spent a couple hours in Tivoli Gardens.  This was probably my favorite part of visiting Copenhagen!  Tivoli opened in August 1843 and is not just an amusement park.  There are beautiful gardens & interesting buildings scattered throughout the park.  We actually didn’t go on any of the rides, we just walked through the park grounds & that alone is worth the visit.  Apparently, Walt Disney visited Tivoli to get inspiration for Disneyland.

image image image image image image image image

We had dinner in the city and then went back to the train station to collect our luggage and take the train to the airport.  Our Baltic cruise was over!  We had booked our cruise almost a year in advance & it seemed like we were excitedly waiting for it to arrive.  It finally did and then the days went by so fast!  I think that is how it is with all vacations.  We really enjoyed our time visiting some cities in the Baltic that we wouldn’t otherwise & getting a taste of some cities that we definitely would like to go back and explore more.  We loved the Oceania cruise ship and experience & it was a great first cruise for my mom and brother.  We are ready to book our next cruise!  Where should we go?

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