Hallway Update

Christian and I have been working slowly on getting things up on the walls.  We had a box filled with picture frames in the basement and in trying to get the basement boxes cleared out, we needed to get the pictures on the wall.  We decided to create in our upstairs hallway a gallery wall.  The frames we owned were all laid out on the floor and we figured out which ones matched well together.  These frames are the Wood Gallery Frames from Pottery Barn in Espresso, White & Black.  We looked into buying more from Pottery Barn but with the additional shipping and taxes, it made the prices a bit high. 


We took a frame with us to the local craft/hardware/home store in the area (Knauber) and we found some frames that matched pretty closely to the Pottery Barn ones.  The frames were aligned on the floor into the design that looked good to us. 


I traced the frames in paper and then we hung them on the hallway with tape. 


I had also made marks where the hangers were located, so Christian could just nail through the paper, remove it & then hang the picture.  Christian wasn’t sure of my measuring skills, so he re-measured each picture hanger to ensure that the nail mark was correct! 

image image

We choose the best (favorite) pictures from all our travels over the past couple of years.  The elephant bottoms is from our trip to Tanzania.  A few are from the Netherlands, another couple are from our trip to the National Parks in Utah and another from Australia.  As we come up the stairs, it is a nice reminder of all the places we have been!

image image image

In addition to the gallery wall, we had a little nook between the stairwell, so Christian added shelves there.  These are the same shelves that we added to the nook on our main floor.  It makes that area feel less empty and takes away from the big white box that houses the valves for our floor heating.

image image

It will be two years in the house at the end of December.  We are slowly but surely making progress!

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