Headboard DIY

Christian & I were on a house project kick for a little while.  After decorating the hallway, we moved on to the guest bedroom.  We moved from the US with a king size bed and a queen size bed.  The queen size bed was just the mattress, box springs and frame.  There was no headboard and it always bugged me.  The bed never looked complete and if you were laying in the bed, you would have to be propped up against the wall.  The queen bed is located in our guest room & the wall it is against is painted Farrow & Ball’s Stiffkey Blue.  I am always afraid the wall is going to get all marked up.  You can’t buy US sized beds in Europe, as they have different bed sizes.  We looked into IKEA headboards but they would need to be modified, so Christian volunteered to build one.  I was skeptical but finally said okay after seeing his plans.  It is somewhat based on the plans from Ana White, a US DIYer.


We selected the wood together and then he got to building.   He also got a new tool in the process, a power sander, so I think he was happy about that!


First he built the side legs and added the horizontal planks.  He added a board over each side of the edges of the horizontal planks that ran down to the legs & a top to the headboard.

image image image

On the backside, he added supports to the middle of the headboards & another piece of wood for thicker legs.

image image

Here is it complete! 


My task was to use wood filler in all the places that needed it & then apply the primer and three additional coats of white paint with sanding in between each coat.  Christian built the headboard in an afternoon, so I think I actually had the more tedious job, as it took me almost a week!!

image image

Once the painting was completed, Christian added felt tabs to the bottom and two more boards covered in felt to the back of the headboard.  This is in case you lean against the headboard and it touches the wall, it will still be protected. 

image image

Then it was time to attach the headboard to the frame. 

image image

Here is the room and bed before the headboard.


Here is it after.  I love it!  The white headboard really stands out against the blue paint & it makes the bed feel more complete.  We also added blinds to the room that allow all the natural light in but gives some privacy and will help stop the sun from fading the wood.

image image image

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