Lego Fans

A couple weekends ago, Christian and I attended the Lego and Model Train (Lego und Modellbahn Ausstellung) exhibit in Köln.  One of Christian’s friends and two kids were supposed to join us but their trip was cancelled due to sickness, so Christian and I decided to go anyways on our own.  The Lego portion was called Kidsfest & Fanwelt.  Basically, huge Lego fans created their own Lego masterpieces and they were on display.  It was insane!!!

Some of the creations were based on real places.

image image image image image image

They had a section dedicated to Star Wars. 

image image image

This was part of the Kidsfest area.  So many kids!


One of my favorites, which is not a creation but an actual set you can buy, Cinderella’s castle from Walt Disney World. And Frozen.

image image

They also had a bunch of Lego Technic.  This is Christian’s favorite Lego to build. 

image image image

We then ventured to the model train area.  Christian has some model trains and would love to build a train table but just hasn’t found the time yet!  He was hoping to get some inspiration. 

image image image image

It was a fun way to spend an hour or so looking at all the exhibits & to see how creative people get with their Legos!

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