Christmas Decorations 2016

Christian and I bought our Christmas tree the second to last weekend in November.  As usual, I was excited to decorate.  The stores here had their Christmas things out at the beginning of October.  I made a promise with myself that I wouldn’t look or buy anything until November.  It was a hard promise to keep!

We decorated pretty much the same as last year in the main living areas. 

image image image image

We have our Christmas Legos on display.  Christian’s family was here celebrating the first of Advent.  We had the Christmas market & carousel Lego set on the table.  Our niece enjoyed playing with it so thoroughly that the entire thing was in pieces within an hour!  In the end, I think we built this one set three times in the course of a week!

image image image

In the kitchen, we added our cookie cutter lights but I didn’t add the wreaths to the cabinets like I did last year. 

image image image image

Outside, we added wreaths on the windows and door.  I bought a few more little figurines to put on the windowsills and in the planting pots. 

image image image image

Our favorite addition is this little green gnome.  Christian built it based on one he saw at a hotel that he stayed at.  You can find other people’s versions online.  They are so cute!


Christian made a wooden stand, then using wire, tied the evergreen branches to the stand to form the body of the gnome.  He added a Santa hat and red Christmas ornament for a nose.  So simple but such a fun & unique decoration!

image image image

The outside lit up at night.  My goal for next year is to add more outdoor lights!

image image

It is always so sad to take the decorations down after Christmas.  The house always looks so bare, but if we kept it like this year round it wouldn’t feel so magical, like it feels now!

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