Christmas Baking

We made so many cookies these past three weeks of Advent.  I initially baked a couple batches for when Christian’s family was here for the first of Advent.  We barely made a dent in them and I ended up putting half of them in the freezer.  I thought I would share what we baked and linked up a couple recipes for anyone interested in trying them!

Christian made Vanillekipferln.

image image image image

I made a pumpkin chocolate chip bundt cake. Here is a similar recipe.  I baked it & then forgot to serve it during our Advent get together!


I always make my grandma’s roll-out sugar cookies.

image image

Christian’s mom & aunt made matcha cookies last year.  I wanted to try as well, so I made ones with white chocolate chips.  They were probably our least favorite cookies, not due to taste, just not spectacular compared to our other goodies. 

image image

Our favorite cookies that we made this year were these Mandel-Schoko-Sterne mit Marzipan-Nougat Füllung (almond-chocolate stars with marzipan & nougat filling).  They were also the most time consuming to make but so good!


I was also planning on baking cookies with a neighbor.  I bought ingredients to make four different cookies and then we weren’t able to get together to bake, so I ended up baking a few on my own.  I substituted the flour in this gingerbread recipe with half the amount in regular spelt flour (Dinkel) & the other half in whole-grain spelt flour.  It made the cookies a little bit harder and denser tasting.  I decorated them but they look a little sad!  Then I made Haselnussmakronen (hazelnut macaroons) from here.  They were really soft and airy!  The last cookie I made were these super easy Mohnplätzchen (poppy seed butter cookies).  In Germany, you can buy poppy seeds that are in a mixture with sugar and other ingredients that people use for baking, so it isn’t just the plain seeds.  The mixture was spread over the dough and then rolled like cinnamon rolls.


I gave some of the cookies away to neighbors and then froze more.  We now have a well-stocked freezer full of desserts whenever we need something sweet!  What kind of cookies or desserts do you normally make during the Christmas season?

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