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2017 has been off to a slow start & another month has gone by without blogging!  A couple of weeks after my time in Denver and arriving in Germany, I met up with Christian in Switzerland.  He has been working near the city of Chur (the capital of the Swiss canton, Graubünden) for the last few months.  The hotel where he stays is located in a small town, 15 minutes from Chur, called Bonaduz.  Bonaduz is located in the valley where the Vorderrhein & Hinterrhein converge creating the Rhein River. 

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Another 15 minutes up the mountain from Bonaduz is the LAAX Flims ski resort.  The plan was for me to spend the week skiing, while Christian was working and then on the weekend, we would ski together.  I signed up for ski lessons, so I drove up to the resort every morning for a full day of lessons.  I had a female instructor and depending on the day, there were either three to five ladies in the lesson.  The group was really well matched, as far as abilities, although at times I was the slowest!  I am really cautious & the last time I was on skis was in 2014, when were in Aspen and that was only for one day.  After a couple days I was feeling more comfortable again on skis.  The ladies chatting and their general good humor also made it easier to not take yourself too seriously on your skis!  Besides myself, there were two ladies from Germany, one lady from Switzerland and one from Ukraine, who currently lives in the Netherlands.  The instructor spoke to us in both German & English. 

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Christian and I then skied the entire weekend together.  It probably wasn’t too challenging for him but it was nice to spend the time together and for him to get a chance to get on his skis!  It is a large ski area that has lots of easy runs, as well as some more difficult areas, but overall such a great place for all levels with a beautiful setting.

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I spent a week and a half in Bonaduz with Christian.  In addition to skiing, we also did a bit of hiking around Bonaduz, as the weather had turned pretty warm and most of the snow was melted in the valley.

image image image image 

I also took the train from Bonaduz for a little exploration of Chur.  It was cute, small town that was nice for walking around.  It was a bit too cold out for me to really enjoy it but I survived a couple hours.  Christian also recommended taking the train along the river valley just for the scenery, so I made a little trip to Ilanz.  There isn’t much of a town but I did find a little hiking trail starting in the town to explore a bit more of the valley.  

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Before heading back to Bad Honnef, I took the train to Basel to visit with Christian’s brother’s family for a few days.  Christian also met up in Basel over the weekend.  After lots of playing with our niece, Christian went back to Bonaduz to work and I went back to Bad Honnef.  I am hoping that we can go skiing again in the next year.  It was such a nice refresher that I don’t want to forget what I have learned & the mountains covered in snow is so beautiful that I could go back for scenery alone!

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