Tour de France–Aix en Provence

It is pretty gray and rainy here in Bad Honnef, which is normal for the winter time.  Although, the temperatures have been pretty mild and our tulips & daffodils have started to pop up early.  As we are waiting for spring to really start blooming with sunshine & warmer weather, I thought I would share our trip from the end of last summer that we called our Tour de France.  I never got around to sharing it last year and as I just went through all the pictures again, I was dreaming of wearing shorts & hot weather!  Christian and I packed up our car and drove through Switzerland, making stops in Basel, Bern & Genf until we reached our first destination in France, Aix-en-Provence.  We spent two nights there, spending one day exploring Aix.  

image image image image 

We visited the Aix Roman Catholic Cathedral.

image image image

The Cours Mirabeau is a wide, tree-lined street with many restaurants and shops. 

image image image

We consulted our tour book and online reviews for a restaurant recommendation.  It took us awhile to finally find one that wasn’t completely booked, open or had something on the menu that I would eat!  We finally settled on an organic (bio) restaurant called La Cerise sur le Gâteau.  We sat outside, which happened to be the only seating & there were probably less than 10 tables.  The menu was printed on a chalkboard, where the chef, the only person working in the restaurant would turn the board towards your table for you to decide what you wanted to eat.  After placing your order, he went back into the kitchen and worked on the food.  He really had a no-nonsense attitude.  It was fun experience & the food was delicious! 

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