Tour de France–Lyon

We wanted to continue our way up north from Avignon, so we looked at the map and figured that Dijon would make a good overnight stop.  It was four hours north and that is the ideal (maximum) amount of time I want to spend in the car.  The halfway point between Avignon and Dijon is Lyon.  Lyon is the third largest city in France and is known for its cuisine.  Christian usually reads the tour books, grabs a map and takes us around the cities.  We didn’t do any of the prep work before arriving in Lyon.  I am pretty sure Christian just looked at his phone occasionally to see where we were headed and how to get back to our car.  It was just a quick stop to stretch our legs & have lunch.

image image image

The Rhône and Saône rivers converge to the south of the historic city center forming a peninsula.  Christian and I spent our time exploring a few of the main streets on the peninsula.  On the west bank of the Saône river is the section of the city known as Fourvière, where the Basilique de Fourvière (Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière) is located. 

image image 

Place Antonin-Poncet is a square overlooking the Rhône river.


L’église Saint-Nizier (Church of Saint-Nizier).


Place des Jacobins.


I loved the ironwork on this building.


I was really grouchy in this photo!  I was hungry and we couldn’t find a place to eat that looked good to me, even in a food-loving city like Lyon.  We settled on this café, where I could have a salad.  I think we picked up a dessert somewhere afterwards and that picked up my mood!


We barely made a dent in what to see and do in Lyon because after lunch, we headed back to the car & drove on to Dijon.  I guess you always need to save something for another trip!

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