Happy 41st Birthday Christian!

Another year has gone by!  Last year was Christian’s big milestone birthday (40), where we had family in town on his birthday and then we celebrated with a BBQ in the summer with more family and friends.  This year is a little more low-key but still just as special, especially since he is at home on his birthday!  Christian requested the same cake that I made last year (Ferrero Rocher cake), so we will have cake and open up cards & presents.

Just like last year, I decided to share a few photos from his childhood. 

image image image image

Christian was in the boy scouts and went on so many trips with them each year.  As you know, he still loves to hike and the outdoors.  It is harder to find pictures of Christian during his teen years because he had a camera and on all his trips was one of the ones documenting everything.  He is still our main photographer on all our trips!


Christian enjoys being out on the water and comes from a family that likes to sail (his grandpa & uncle both went on sailing trips).  He wanted to do a sailing trip with me this year but I am too nervous about being on such a small boat, so we are going to stick with cruising for now!  Not quite the same but at least we are on the water.


Such a good-natured, happy, generous & kind guy!


This is one of my favorite photos of Christian from his younger years.


Happy Birthday Christian!  Here’s to another great year of good health, adventure & love!

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