Ubud, Bali

Our first stop in Bali was Ubud.  We spent two nights here and stayed at the Pertiwi Bisma 2, which is located one street over from all the main shops and restaurants of Ubud.  Ubud is located in the middle of Bali, so there are no beaches around.  Surrounding the town of Ubud are rice paddy fields and farms.  Ubud is more known as place to come and practice yoga, eat healthy and organic food, shop arts & crafts and visit the surrounding rice fields.  Of course, the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert put Ubud on the map as well, as the main character visits Ubud, practices meditation, discusses life and ends up falling in love there.

This is one of the two pools located at our hotel.  We didn’t even take advantage of the pools, as we were so busy exploring other things.  The back pool overlooked the rice terraces and we didn’t discover it until the morning of our last day. 


We walked along the main shopping streets, which had some nice places for sun dresses, yoga gear and a few home goods shops.

image image image

In between the shops were temples.

image image image

We were in Ubud two days before the start of the Hindu New Year, Hari Raya Nyepi, which is a “Day of Silence.”  The Balinese people were preparing for this with offerings at the temples and preparing for the Bhuta Yajna Ritual.  Every village makes an Ogoh-Ogoh, which is a statue of a demon, representing evil spirits.  These statues are paraded around the village and then burned at the end of the ritual.

image image image

At the end of one of the main streets in Ubud is the Monkey Forest.  Not only are their monkeys located in this area but also important temples.  I told Naomi that I was not interested in visiting the monkeys.  I was too afraid that the monkeys would take something from me, my hat, my camera, glasses, bag, who knows!  They post warnings and I took it seriously and decided not to get up close with monkeys.  The monkeys are free to roam, so there were a couple on the street in Ubud not far from the entrance to the park. 


Naomi recommended Taksu Spa for us to get facials.  I had never had one before but was excited to try it out.  We both had the Aloe Vera Botanical Ozone Facial, which was basically a steam facial.  It was 60 minutes, so inexpensive and my face felt so nice afterwards. 

image image image image

There are plenty of good restaurants to try in Ubud.  The first night we ate at Kafe, an organic café that offers lots of vegetarian and vegan options.  It seemed like it was a popular spot for people to go after their yoga class.  I probably could’ve eaten there for lunch and dinner for our entire stay! 

image image

We visited another popular restaurant, Sari Organik for lunch.  It is located just outside of the main area of Ubud.  We sat at a low table with cushions on the floor, overlooking some rice fields.  Their garden is in front of the restaurant. 

image image image image

The fruit smoothies were so refreshing.  They were usually offered at every breakfast while we stayed on Bali and then I also ordered them where ever we ate! 

My favorite part of visiting Ubud was seeing the rice paddy fields and terraces, which I will share with you in my next post.

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