Snowy Flims

We arrived back in Switzerland for Christian to work a couple days at the client site near Chur.  This time we stayed in the town of Flims, where I spent a week of skiing in February.  I didn’t expect snow but the morning after we arrived, the mountains and town were snow-covered!  We were staying at the Fidazerhof, an Ayurveda hotel and wellness center.  Ayurveda is an Indian belief that the mind and body are interconnected for good health and they have recommendations on medicine, what to eat, how to exercise and basically live life.  There are hotels/resorts located throughout Europe and they offer yoga, massages and other spa treatments.  This was our first time staying at one of these types of hotels and I would definitely stay at another one.

image image

I decided to walk to the neighboring town of Laax.  There is a gondola from Laax and one from Flims, so they both share the same ski area. 

image image image

It was only a 5km walk from Flims to Laax and it was sunnier and there was less snow.


We woke up to more snow on the second day.  This time I decided to take a trail leading up to the Foppa chair lift. 

image image image image image

The snow was really pretty and I enjoyed walking through the towns and on the trails but I am so glad the weather is warmer and there is no snow now!

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