Steyr, Austria

Back to Austria!  I told you Christian had a crazy work schedule that amounted to quite a bit of driving back and forth and I was only there for two weeks of it.  He was gone a total of three weeks!  We settled in for just a few days in Steyr.  Steyr is mostly known for its manufacturing plants right on the outskirts of town but most people don’t realize how beautiful the city center is & worth a visit!

image image image image image image 

Two rivers flow through the town, the Steyr and Enns.  These two rivers converge near the town center.  The old town center is well-preserved and really feels like you have stepped into another era!

image image image 

We stayed at Hotel Mader, which is located right in the town square.  A perfect choice for exploring the area.


As I was out exploring the city, the weather fluctuated between sun with blue skies and snow flurries! 


Quiet streets.

image image image

St. Michael’s Church sits near the bank of the Steyr River, across from the old town center.

image image image

Situated above the town is Lamberg Castle.  I am not sure if there are tours of parts of the castle or not.  I saw that there were some government offices located in the courtyard.  Across from the castle is a large garden.

image image image

One Tripadvisor reviewer said Steyr is the “surprise of Europe” and I couldn’t agree more.  It is a two hour drive from Salzburg and about 40 minutes from Linz, so if you are in this area, you should definitely make a stop here. 

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