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I thought I would do a little lately post of what we have been up to in the last month and a half. 

After Christian’s birthday at the beginning of May, we joined some of Christian’s family for a long weekend in Mallorca, Spain.  It was a beautiful island with crystal clear water!  I definitely want to spend a couple weeks there when the weather is starting to become cold and rainy here.  I will share more pictures soon.


I have planted a few more things in the garden and added two more planters on our upstairs terrace for vegetables.  This is just a photo of one of my weekly trips to the garden center!


Christian and I have been running every Saturday and Sunday morning.  We run along the Rhein and then to our bakery to pick up our bread rolls for the day.   We have been pretty regular about it for the past six months.  Christian even runs when he is away during the week and sends me selfies!

image image

Christian has received a few new toys.  He received a new Lego set for his birthday, which is slowly being built when he is home.   We also ran out of space on the laptop, so we got a new computer to act as a storage for all our photos.  It is also hooked up to our TV, so that is how I watch all my American television shows now.  I guess the new computer is more for me!

image image

I could eat pizza every week!  I made a crust out of shredded cauliflower and broccoli, topped it with pesto and sweet potato slices.  You have to eat it with a knife and fork but it was still really good.  Just google cauliflower pizza crust to find a recipe.  We also made this tomato pesto pizza.  Instead of using mozzarella, it called for burrata cheese.  I think we will be topping our pizzas with only burrata from here on out!

image image image

I was pretty jealous that Christian was in the US over Memorial Day weekend.  I wanted to be shopping all the summer sales!  It also didn’t help that Christian got to go out on a lake over the weekend with his co-workers and go swimming.  He definitely makes the best of all his work travels. 

image image

Christian’s mom gave us a ice cream machine last year.  I started making a couple batches.  My first flavor was a poppy seed almond.  I followed this German recipe with a few changes.  The second was a mint chocolate chip.  We used the chocolate mint from our garden.  Since that ice cream is almost gone, I think I am going to try this salted caramel ice cream or something chocolaty!  image image image image

We just re-hiked a section of the Rheinsteig with some friends. 

image image 

We passed by this horse on the trail and what did he do when I asked him for a photo?


He gave me a big toothy smile!


So that is a little bit of what has been going on in our life at home!

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