Terrace Hochbeet

Last year, we added a Hochbeet (raised garden box) to our garden patio.  We grew some carrots, spinach, celery and beets. 


I wanted to add more vegetables this year but I didn’t really have any more room on our patio or in our postage-stamp sized yard!  We do have something called a Dachterrasse, which is a little terrace off our third floor.  We have a small bistro table up there but nothing else and we never use it.  I decided that would be a good place to add another Hochbeet.  I was going to buy something that looked like this, a raised plastic planter box.  After looking at it in the store, I realized it wouldn’t hold much.  We kept looking around and then finally just found some plastic bins.  Christian picked up a few stone pavers and made what looks like two raised troughs!  They don’t look beautiful but they do the job. 

image image

Since we are gone quite a bit, I wanted an automatic watering system like we have in our garden.  There isn’t a water connection on the terrace but we do have a power outlet.  Christian found this water pump set by Gardena.  He came up with a really nice idea to store the water and disguise the pump.  We purchased a larger planting pot, which is where the pump sits and what we fill with water every week or so.  On top sits another planter.  He drilled holes in the lid to allow the power cord and water hoses to go through.  Then we planted our chocolate mint plant on top!

image image image image

We put this together at the beginning of April.  At that time, I planted in the left planter: zucchini & parsnips and in the right planter: romaine lettuce. 


By middle of May, there was nothing in the right container that initially held the romaine lettuce.  The zucchini died in the left container but the parsnips were just starting to sprout.  I ended up planting celery seedlings in both containers and sowed romaine lettuce seeds again!

image image

Our chocolate mint was growing and we were enjoying it in our weekend smoothies.


I also added a climbing hydrangea to provide a little more green to the area. 


Here it is now, the beginning of June.  The celery and parsnips are growing like crazy and we finally have the start of some lettuce!

image image image image

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