The Backyard 2017

I love to document how our garden grows and changes.  It is fascinating to see how much fuller the plants are and not just year to year, but month to month during the spring and summer.  Here is a look back at 2016 & 2015

We don’t have the largest yard.  It really is postage stamp size and easy to take care of but I enjoy being out there every week starting at the beginning of spring until it gets too cold in the late fall.

The end of March saw the beginning of new growth.  We planted tulips and daffodils last fall and the daffodils were already up.

image image

The end of April finally brought some color and the tulips.


I also did a little more planting in the corner near our grapevines.  It was a pain to get the lawn mower in that little corner and between the vines, so I dug up the grass, added the brick border and bought a few plants.

image image image image

In the Hochbeet, I added beet seedlings, spinach and carrot seeds.


On our patio, we had the L-shaped garden seating from IKEA.  It is almost four years old and has been sitting outside year round, uncovered.  Christian decided to sand it all down and applied a waterproof wood stain on it in May.  You can see in the corner of the first picture how it looked.  Now, it looks like new and when it rains the water just beads up.

image image

At the end of May, our clematis started to bloom on the fence and our vegetables really took off in the Hochbeet.

image image

Now, it is June and here is how the backyard looks.

image image image image 

Here is the corner that I just planted earlier.

image image

I have a color scheme that I stick to: green & pink/purple flowers!


Our rose bush has just started to bloom.  Although, most of the blooms are on the outside of the fence!

image image

That’s how things are growing in our yard this year!

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