Basement Organization

I am switching gears from the outside of the house to the inside.  We have a semi-finished basement.  There is the staircase landing that is finished and then you walk through the door to the main basement room and then there is a smaller room off of that room, where the utilities & the clothes washer are located.

image image 

I think the last time I showed pictures of the basement was here, when we first got the keys to the house and we installed the flooring and painted the cinderblock walls and cement ceiling white.   Since then, I had set-up a little corner craft area and the rest of the main room was somewhat of a disaster.  We had boxes with stuff that we hadn’t unpacked, a pile of empty boxes, Legos, model trains and lots of coats. 

image image

That mess wasn’t what started our reorganization of the basement.  We actually had too many wine bottles and needed more wine storage!  We looked online for wine racks and came across the IKEA KALLAX  shelving unit and you can buy the crisscross wine inserts.  It would solve both our problems.  We get more wine storage and clean up the rest of the basement mess!

The mess has to get worse before it gets better!

image image image

I tried to get rid of much as possible and I am always going down there to see if there are more things to purge but right now everything is pretty organized. 

image image image

I still have all those coats!  Those, I couldn’t get rid of!


Here is the IKEA bookcase.  The top displays some of Christian’s Lego Technic sets and below that are some of the model train set buildings.  Some of those bins are empty, which I am in no rush to fill.  At the very bottom is the wine storage.

image image image

There it is, our basement re-organized.  It looks much better than how it started and got rid of some things in the process!

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