Bircher Müsli

While we were in Switzerland and Austria, our hotels always had Bircher Müsli as part of the breakfast buffet.  Muesli means granola or cereal in German.  I asked Christian what Bircher meant but it isn’t a German word.  After a search on the Internet, here is where I think the name came from.  There was a doctor from Switzerland with the last name Bircher-Benner who developed a meal that aided in his patients’ digestion.  It included oats, apple, nuts, lemon juice and condensed milk.  Since then there has been every version of Bircher Müsli made in homes and restaurants.  Some use yogurt, milk, water or some combination as the base.  Different fruits and nuts are also mixed in.  In the US, overnight oats have been a really popular make-ahead breakfast in the last couple of years.  There are versions called carrot cake, peanut butter chocolate, chocolate chip, tropical fruits and strawberry cheesecake.  Those sound like dessert for breakfast!  Although, the most basic recipe for overnight oats is essentially the same as the Bircher Müsli recipe. 

At home I normally eat granola for breakfast.  I have read countless articles about how much sugar is in granola and how you shouldn’t eat it.  I tried to find the lowest sugar added granola after reading the nutrition labels of every brand of granola at the grocery store.  After eating so much Bircher Müsli and enjoying it, I decided to just make it at home and hopefully cut back on some of the sugar in my breakfast.  One note:  I really dislike oatmeal!  I think the texture of the oats and everything all warm is really disgusting, so the fact that I like cold oats was surprising.

Here is my version, that I make at the beginning of almost every week and lasts for the entire week.  The first time I made it, I measured everything.  Now I just dump enough oats to fill the bottom of my tupperware and then add a couple spoonfuls of the rest of the ingredients!

Ingredients: Oats, Chia Seeds, Mix of Seeds (Sunflower, Pumpkin, Flax), Shredded Apples (2), Milk


Add in the seeds.

image image

Two shredded apples.


Add enough milk to cover all the ingredients.  I sometimes add more milk after letting it sit in the fridge the first couple hours after seeing all the liquid being absorbed by the oats.

image image

The next morning, fill a bowl with the oats and top with berries or other fruits of your choice.

image image

It is pretty simple.  I don’t added any sweeteners, as I think once you add fruit and the shredded apple makes it sweet enough!

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