Mallorca, Spain–Part 1

Christian’s mom celebrated her 70th birthday last September.  As a family gift, we decided to extend the celebration with a long weekend in Mallorca, Spain.  We took advantage of one of the holidays and went in May.  It was Christian, his mom, aunt, uncle and myself.  Mallorca is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean.  It is an extremely popular vacation destination for Germans.  I didn’t understand the draw until I finally experienced Mallorca for myself. 

We rented a house through Airbnb in Cala Santanyi, in the south of the island.  In the house description, they had stated that they were installing a pool in 2017.  We were a little disappointed to see that it was just an above-ground pool, good for just splashing around.  In the beginning of May, it was still a bit cool to go swimming, so in the end it was okay.

image image image

Cala means cove or inlet, so we were staying by the water of the town of Santanyi.  The city center of Santanyi was located a little further inland.  On Saturdays, there is a large market. 

image image image image image

We drove all around the island of Mallorca over the weekend.  One of our first stops was near our rental house at Es Pontàs, a natural arch.

image image image image

A little to the east of Santanyi is the Parc natural de Mondragó.  There are hiking trails in the area and along the beach of Mondragó.

image image image image image image

From there, we drove to Cala D’Or.  Cala D’Or was one of Mallorca’s first tourist destination spots.  They built the town center buildings in all white-wash to mimic Ibiza.  We saw some beautiful flowers in this town. 

image image image image image image

I had so many pictures and I wanted to be able to share them with the family reading that I have broken up our trip into three parts.  Stay tuned for part 2!

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