My Father’s Visit

My dad lives and works in China.  The last time he was in Germany was for our wedding in July 2013 and at that time we were living in Düsseldorf.  After our wedding, we had a little tour with family through some parts of Germany, so he got to experience some highlights of the country.  After almost four years, he decided it was time for another visit to Germany and to see our new(er) town!  My dad and his girlfriend, Kylie came for a week and a half.  We spent most of the time in Germany but we did spend four days in the Netherlands as well. 

My dad arrived right in time to celebrate his birthday!  I made him a vanilla cake with white frosting.  He preferred the cake without the frosting!  My brother also enjoys an un-frosted cake.  Cake without frosting?!


We spent an afternoon walking through our town on the first day that they arrived.  It was a Sunday and normally all the shops are closed but on this particular Sunday there was a special market, so many booths and some shops were open. 

image image 

Like with all our visiting guests, we hiked up to the Drachenfels & the Löwenburg.  Normally we break up the hike into separate days but we did a big loop and visited both castle ruins.  We enjoyed great views of the Rhein.  For some reason when we asked if they wanted to go on any other hikes during the week, they (my dad) said no. 


My dad wanted to take the train everywhere!  Here he is waiting at the train station in his favorite (most comfortable) jeans.  As his daughter, I had to question the outfit choice!


We visited Bonn, Köln & Koblenz.  I was not very good about taking pictures but my dad and Kylie did take a lot but I don’t have copies! 


In Koblenz, I showed them the Deutsches Eck, the corner where the Mosel and Rhein rivers converge.

image image image

We also took the gondola up to the Ehrenbreitstein fortress. 

 image image image image image image

It was really warm while they were here visiting (upper 80’s-lower 90’s) and we grilled out almost every night.  Since we never really had a specific plan, we visited the grocery store almost daily to pick up food.  Kylie enjoyed seeing the grocery store the same way I do when visiting other countries.  My dad claimed that Christian and I just ate nuts & berries for most meals.  Granola in the morning and bread & spreads for another meal.  Not what he is used to!  We also ate a lot of popsicles and ice cream. 


Next up, much better pictures of our time in the Netherlands!

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