Cruising the Canals of Amsterdam

We spent a majority of our time in Amsterdam with my dad and Kylie.  We stayed two nights in a hotel outside of the city center, closer to the airport.  It was pretty easy to take the train into the city or park at the conference center and then train in.  This was my fourth visit to Amsterdam (2016, 2013 & 2012) and Christian has probably visited a couple times more than I have.  We love visiting but wanted to do something different on this trip to experience Amsterdam.  We decided that the best way to see Amsterdam is on the canals, so we rented a boat from Boaty and spent three hours going through the canals.  The boat moves pretty slowly but it was so much fun and a great way to see all the beautiful buildings along the canals! 

We picked up the boat on a dock on one of the canals south of the main city center.  Christian manned the boat (although, Kylie also steered for a little bit).  Kylie and I took pictures and my dad just observed everything! 

image image image image

We traveled along the Amstel River before turning into the smaller canals.  Along the banks of the Amstel River, there were many house boats.  We tried to travel close to them in order to see inside!

image image

More views from the Amstel.

image image image image

We turned onto one of the smaller, quiet canals.

image image image image image image image image

Should Christian be steering the boat and talking on the phone at the same time?  Luckily, no crashes occurred during this time!


After cruising around the canals for almost three hours, we needed to stretch our legs and walk around a bit! 

image image image image

I have to recommend a few more new things we discovered after this trip.  We had ice cream at Ijscuypje and it was really good.  Then to the left of the ice cream shop is La Savonnerie, which is a boutique selling soaps and other cute home items.  I picked up another dish towel, adding to my overflowing collection!


The evening before our canal cruise, we ate dinner at Foodhallen.  Christian and I shared some food from two different stands.  My dad had a sausage and Kylie had a burrito bowl.  Everything was really delicious and allows everyone to eat what they want!  We ended the meal with a egg waffle and ice cream.  We definitely overindulged! 

image image image image

One last picture to share of our time in Amsterdam!  They really know how to create an entrance with flowers!  So colorful and varied, just like the city!


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