The Front Yard 2017

Like I did with the backyard, I wanted to show you the changes/growth to our front yard (entry, since there is no grass) for this year.  Here is a look back at 2016 & 2015.

Here is how it looked last year. 


Here it is a year later.  I have replanted everything that was in the planters and pots from last year except for the ivy!  We had two boxwoods (Buxus) in each planter on either side of the house.  There was a disease that afflicted most of the boxwoods in our area and caused them all to die, so we had to replace them.

image image 

On the right side of the house, I replaced the boxwood with a pink hydrangea (Hortensie).  Since this side of the house is shaded almost the entire day, it loves it there.  While my dad was here, he got up on a ladder and cleaned the glass roof over our front door.  It was quite green and brown from all the rain and it looks so much better now!

image image image

On the right side, I replaced the boxwood with a small evergreen shrub.  Then my dad cut back our ivy that was growing in the planter because it was quite long but yellow & unhealthy looking.  The new growth is definitely greener.  In the window box, I replaced the hearty winter green with some fuchsia.  We needed a little more color (more pink) besides green in the front!  I scrubbed down the bench earlier this spring but I think next spring we will need to sand and stain it like we did with our furniture in the back. 


Last year we planted a hedge to hide the fence and give a little more privacy for when we look out our kitchen window. 

image image

It isn’t until I look at the pictures from last year can I really tell that our hedge has grown.  Eventually, we will have to pull out cherry laurel (Kirschlorbeer).  This year, we just trimmed some of the branches that were growing out into the sidewalk.

image image

So that’s how our front entry looks this year!

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