The Backyard Update 2017

We have a few updates to the backyard since I posted photos a month ago.  The day before my dad arrived, we added a wooden archway over our fence door and planted another rose on the other side.  Our large tree casts a lot of shade & sucks up a lot of water.  Our grass and plants need to be watered daily and it is difficult to keep plants alive by the tree.  We wanted to cover the back fence and noticed how well our pink rose bush does, so we decided to add another rose in hopes that it will climb and cover a bit of the fence.

image image image image

That wasn’t the only change.  My dad arrived into town, looked at our backyard and said everything was too crowded!  Too many plants, not enough space and some things need trimming!  I said okay, then make the changes that need to be done to make the backyard look better. 

First things first, trimming our bushes to make them more in the shape of a hedge.  The first picture was how they looked before the trimming.  Yes, they were looking a little unruly!

image image

Then, extending out the brick-lined garden bed on the other side of the fence.  It was a group effort! 

image image image image 

The plants were then uprooted and replanted.

image image image

The plants more spaced out do look better but the bricks were a little wonky and needed to be re-done.  Christian re-laid the bricks so they were even & in more of a straight line.

image image image image image

Much better looking!


We also ordered an awning (Markilux) and it was installed at the beginning of the month.  Despite the tree, we receive morning & afternoon sun on our patio.  We were using this small umbrella that I bought from Pottery Barn Kids to fit on my narrow balcony in Denver.  It only shades half of our outdoor table, which is usually okay for just Christian and I.  When it is really hot, we put down our aluminum shades that cover the outside of all our windows because we do not have AC and it helps keep the heat out of the house.  It becomes quite dark in the house.  Our neighbors who have awnings put theirs out to shade the house, so they don’t have to use the aluminum window coverings. 

image image image

It took awhile to convince Christian that we should get an awning & I think he is pretty happy now, especially after enjoying a few meals under it!

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