I am so sad that summer is winding down!  After my dad was in town in June, Christian and I went on a cruise that started in Portugal, then traveled through the Mediterranean and ended in Rome.  I am still working on editing those pictures, but I hope to share them soon.  Towards the end of July, my mom arrived in town for a three week visit.  Christian and I enjoyed our summer party that we had last year to celebrate his 40th birthday, that we decided to have another Sommerfest (summer party) this year and planned it for when my mom was here.  Christian’s mom also came to visit for a week to help out with the party. 

Last year it rained almost the entire day of our party!  This year, we had one or two showers during the day before the party started and then a heavy rainfall after most of our guests left, so we lucked out.  We put up a big tent that took up the entire yard.  We rented a few beer garden tables and benches for more seating. 

image image image

We set-up the beer and non-alcoholic drinks outside.

image image

Inside, we had the wine.


Before the BBQ started, we hosted Christian’s family for coffee and cake.  I baked my mom’s favorite chocolate cake, a cheesecake and a strawberry galette. 

image image image

The food was catered by a local butcher shop.  We had a couple different salads, baked potatoes and the grilled meat. 

image image image

Christian, unfortunately, had to spend a good majority of the start of the party manning the grill. 

image image

We ended the night with ice cream from our favorite ice cream shop in town. 


I think everyone had a good time & we are looking forward to hosting next year as well!


Of course, at the end of every party there is a lot of clean-up.  My mom was such a big help before and after the party.  Luckily, after the Sommerfest her real vacation started!


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